DA on track to deliver Gauteng government

John Moodey MPL

Gauteng Provincial Leader

The DA in Gauteng is well on the path to gaining the voter support needed to bring a DA-led government to the province next year.

The DA will deal a significant blow to the ANC’s majority in Gauteng, contrary to ANC Gauteng Chairperson Paul Mashatile’s claims that the DA is not a threat to the governing party.

The DA’s incredible voter support and growth has reduced the ANC’s majority from the 2004 high of 68.4% to a mere 8% majority.

Mashatile’s 70% remains a far off dream and we remain confident that our intensive election campaign and the DA’s record of delivery and clean government will continue to resonate with Gauteng voters.

The DA stands ready to deliver a Gauteng government that drives economic growth and job creation, delivers quality education, and prioritises the safety and security of all.