Finance minister must investigate municipal non-compliance to Treasury regulations

James Masango MPL

Provincial Chief Whip of the Official Opposition

The DA will this week write to national minister of finance Pravin Gordhan and National Treasury Director-General Lungisa Fuzile to divulge whether Mpumalanga’s local municipal managers, municipal chief financial officers, finance officials and supply chain managers comply with National Treasury competency regulations.

Five months have passed since the DA submitted written questions to former cooperative governance MEC Madala Masuku and his department, and still those questions remain unanswered by his successor, SPD Skosana.

The regulations setting down minimum competencies were promulgated in 2007 in accordance with sections 83, 107 and 119 of the Municipal Finance Management Act – and had to be implemented by 1 January 2013. Municipalities were also repeatedly warned that non-compliant staff would have to be removed if they failed to comply.

Click here to view the regulations on National Treasury’s website.

The poor state of service delivery and municipal governance in virtually every Mpumalanga municipality and MEC Skosana’s reluctance to respond to DA questions raises our suspicions that the ANC’s practice of jobs-for-pals carries on as usual, and that no corrective action will be taken, despite the regulations.

To this end the DA will write to finance minister Pravin Gordhan and DG Fuzile requesting them to divulge whether all Mpumalanga municipalities comply with National Treasury regulations, and if not, requesting Treasury to issue the necessary directives calling for the removal of non-compliant officials, and the recruitment of suitably qualified individuals.

The people of Mpumalanga are in desperate need of decent services, and the appointment of suitably skilled and competent individuals will lay the foundation for creating a better life for everyone.