Is Braamfontein blue light accident a cover up?

Kate Lorimer MPL

Spokesperson on Community Safety

On Tuesday afternoon at 13h59, in Braamfontein, just north of Nelson Mandela Bridge, a black BMW skipped a red robot and crashed into a Toyota, with Department of Labour markings, allegedly narrowly missing an informal recycler.

Allegedly the vehicle was the lead car in a presidential blue -light convoy.  It was, according to eyewitness accounts, traveling excessively fast.

The drivers of both vehicles were taken to hospital. It is unclear how seriously the driver of the Toyota was injured.

It is interesting to note that the Registration numberplate of the vehicle: BT 82 DR GP was removed from the vehicle at the scene. I would question whether this was acceptable practice at a scene where an injury had occurred and where an investigation would have to be conducted.

JMPD Spokesperson Wayne Minnaar was only prepared to confirm that there had been an accident, but not whether the vehicle involved was a so-called “blue-light” vehicle.

On an ongoing basis I have asked Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane to ban the use of blue lights by ministers and MEC’s.  There have been a number of incidents in which these vehicles have endangered the lives of members of the public. The case of Thomas Ferreira, seriously injured by former MEC Humphrey Mmemezi’s vehicle, with him in the car,  is currently underway.

Clarity must be given by JMPD and by the Premier on what happened on Tuesday afternoon in Braamfontein.  Whose blue-light convoy was involved, what injuries were sustained and what actions will the Premier take to ensure this does not happen again on the roads of Gauteng.  I have submitted questions to MEC Faith Mazibuko to ascertain details of the accident and who was responsible.

The question must again be asked?  When does someone’s schedule become more important than the life and safety of ordinary South Africans?