Limpopo Cabinet Reshuffle – New broom has not swept clean

Desiree van der Walt MPL

DA Limpopo Legislature Caucus Leader

The new broom, newly appointed Premier Stanley Mathabatha has not swept clean in Limpopo.  When he made this announcement, Premier Mathabatha said his aim was to bring in people with experience and to deal with corruption. He clearly did not achieve that with the latest reshuffle.

We definitely welcome the removal of former MEC Mr. Dickson Maseloma as head of education in this province.  He has proven to be a dismal failure in education and will not add any value to the already ailing public works department. He should have been left out altogether.

Ms. Rosina Semenya’s  move to agriculture  is another appointment that will not benefit the people of this province. When she was MEC of Public Works, the costs of building infrastructure reached the ceiling because she allowed variations from the original tender amounts under dubious circumstances which were not allowed by the law.

Mr. Charles Sekoati’s elevation to Economic Development MEC is also a cause for concern because it was recently revealed that he is in business association with an individual whose companies are receiving 70% of the entire property lease budget in Limpopo. This was not declared by Mr. Sekoati in 2010 declaration when this project was already in existence for 2 years.

The change to the department of health of Dr. Norman Mabasa , a trained medical doctor with Ms. Letsatsi-Duba is regrettable. Although she is a good administrator this department needed a person who coupled that with some knowledge in the medical field. Ms. Letsatsi-Duba is clearly lacking in that aspect.

Mr. Ishmael Kgepetse is a new figure and definitely has no experience in government.

Mr. Rudolph Phaala’s move to Treasury, hopefully with his legal background he will be suitably informed about the applicable laws so that he can exercise functional oversight over the provincial budget, an aspect where his predecessor failed.

We hope that education under Ms. Magadzi will be steered in the right direction. In her previous capacities, she has demonstrated a hard work ethic.

The appointments of Mr. Lehlogonolo Masoga and Ms. Miriam Ramadwa as MECs of Roads and Transport and Sports, Arts and Culture respectively means that they will have to urgently appoint a technical staff component as they too do not have demonstrable record  of governance.

We particularly commend the Premier for removing Ms. Pinky kekana as her continued stay in public office blighted our provincial administration.  We had hope that the same fate awaited Mr. Dickson Masemola.