Mathale – Education MEC should follow him out the door

Desiree van der Walt MPL

DA Limpopo Legislature Caucus Leader

With Mr. Cassel Mathale now gone as the premier of Limpopo, Education MEC Mr. Dickson Masemola must also follow suit and resign.

If yesterday’s move to oust Mr Mathale was about the recognition of his failure to deliver, then MEC Masemola epitomises that failure more than any other person in the provincial executive.

Under him learners in Limpopo had to be taught without textbooks for two consecutive years. He downplayed the magnitude of the textbook problem by shifting blame.

He also failed to pay the norms and standards funding to schools on time thereby causing unnecessary delays of the midyear exams in the province.

Mr Mathale’s departure cannot be about an individual. Those public officials who helped him run this province into the ground cannot go unscathed.

The DA stands firm on its view that along with Mr Mathale, Education MEC Mr. Masemola should have also been shown the door a long time ago.

The time to do that is now.