Mathale must account first before getting a job at the National Assembly

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

Former premier Cassel Mathale’s reported move to the National Assembly is nothing but an undisguised way by the ANC to keep a crony on the taxpayer’s payroll.

He failed dismally in Limpopo and now it beggars belief what meaningful contribution is he going to make on a national scale.

In any democracy, Mr. Mathale should have been hauled before an inquiry to make him account for, among others, the following:

  • How did it come about that the provincial department of roads and transport was used to enrich individuals with political connections to him such as Julius Malema.
  • How did it come about that his government continued to fail to deliver textbooks to learners for the past two years.
  • How did it come about that this provincial department was run into a R2 billion deficit leading to 5 departments being placed under administration.
  • Why is the health system failing the people of the province.

It is clear that yesterday’s move to remove Mr. Mathale did not signify a renewed commitment to clean government by the ANC. If that were the case, Mr. Mathale is not worth a cent more from the public’s purse.

Yesterday’s move was a political purge  by President Zuma of those who did not support him.