Medicine shortages hit Gauteng clinics

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Health Spokesman

I am getting increasing reports of medicine shortages at clinics in Gauteng.

At Krugersdorp clinic this week, patients were told to buy blood pressure and flu medicine from the chemist as this was not available.

Last month, the Kempton Park Civic Centre clinic ran out of anti-retrovirals for HIV/Aids patients, and other clinics on the East Rand have also had ARV shortages.

Members of the Treatment Action Campaign recently protested the lack of medicine at a clinic in Garankuwa.

Medicine is distributed from the Auckland Park Medical Supplies Depot where several officials have been suspended after a damning forensic audit.

Earlier this year the Gauteng Health Department reported that only 70% of essential medicines are delivered on time from the depot.

Patients are suffering because of unreliable medicine supply. The Department must do everything it can to ensure that all medicines are available when required.