Party Political Funding – ANC Limpopo funding must be withdrawn

Jacques Smalle, MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The next party allocation to ANC Limpopo must be withheld until the R12 million it was allocated by the Legislature as part of its constituency funding has been fully accounted for.

According to reports, R 12 million of the funds paid to the account of ANC Limpopo has gone missing.

Party Constituency Funding is paid by the taxpayers to enable all the parties that are represented in the Legislatures to do their political work.

However because these funds are appropriated by the Legislature from public money, all the parties which receive these funds must account for them.

This funding is still taxpayers money for  which all the receiving political parties must give a full account.  This requirement is explicitly stated by the provisions of the Public Funding of Represented Political Parties Act.

The Democratic Alliance has been giving a full account of audited statements for the political funding it has been receiving; they have all been unqualified reports.

Consequently notwithstanding the fact that the ANC is a private entity to whose affairs we do not meddle, the fact that it is receiving public money in its representative capacity, it becomes a matter of public concern.

These funds are meant to enhance democratic participation in the province.

I will be writing to both IEC’s Ms. Nkaro Mateta as the accounting officer of the Fund for political parties and to the Speaker of the Legislature, Mr. Rudolf Phaala to urge them to provisionally withdraw ANC funding until all the monies have been accounted for.