President must hold back on imminent e-toll sign off

Fred Nel MPL

Deputy Spokesperson on Roads and Transport

The DA in Gauteng calls on President Zuma not to sign off on e-tolls given the controversy and public outcry around the project.

According to Deputy Transport Minister Sindy Chikunga the President’s signature is the only thing standing between Gauteng motorists and e-tolls. She indicated that South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) will start the roll-out of e-tolling in Gauteng once the President assents to the Transport Laws and Related Matters Amendment Bill.

Chikunga demonstrated how out of touch the government is with Gauteng residents when she insisted that that e-tolling would definitely go ahead

The people of Gauteng have strongly rejected e-tolls and it is clear, as seen in Portugal, that the system does not work.

The President must not sign e-tolls into effect.