Save Limpopo Land Reform project

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

A Limpopo land reform project intended to create jobs and business for beneficiaries is in danger of failing as the land is currently being occupied by informal settlers.

The Democratic Alliance will be seeking urgent clarity from the Rural Development and Land Affairs Department as to whether they gave approval to the land reform beneficiaries to move and settle on Jansen Park Plots 1&2 near Polokwane.

People are currently building shacks on these parcels of land, possibly with the go ahead of the Department.

Simply turning agricultural plots into a human settlement is going to deny the land reform beneficiaries the opportunity to derive income from agricultural activity.

The DA believes that it is important for this land reform project to succeed in order to correct past injustices.

However in this case, there needs to be a clear coordination between various spheres of government to make sure these communities derive utmost benefit from the land reform process.

Because these plots are not zoned as human settlement areas, it means that basic infrastructure such as houses, sanitation, water and sewerage has not been proclaimed by the municipality.

To make matters worse there is a current moratorium on further township proclamation by Polokwane Municipality.

The Department must urgently intervene to ensure the success of this project and clarify the conditions under which the land was transferred.