Treasury must put chaotic Gauteng Liquor Board under administration

Dr Gavin Lewis

Spokesperson on Economic Development

The DA in Gauteng will request that the provincial treasury place the Gauteng Liquor Board under administration as the chaotic state of the entity requires drastic and direct intervention.

The DA is concerned about the Liquor Board’s lack of accountability and the absence of any real information on its operations. Information on the board members, staffing structure and actual performance of the entity is hard to come by as public money gets siphoned off to this black hole.

Both the Auditor-General (AG) and the Gauteng Provincial Legislature Public Accounts Committee (SCOPA) have flagged serious shortcomings in the Liquor Board operations and continued reports indicate that nothing has changed.

The AG found a series of irregularities, ranging from financial and performance management to leadership and governance; while SCOPA expressed concern over the deterioration of the Liquor Board and its failure to implement effective internal control systems to ensure that legislation is adhered to.

The DA does not believe that probe after probe will address the problems that continue to place the now dysfunctional liquor licensing body. The recurring issues are not addressed and because of the chaos the Liquor Board is not collecting the revenue it is meant to.

I will write to Gauteng Finance MEC Mandla Nkomfe requesting that this entity be placed under administration to reverse the now near-four year long decline and chaos.