UNIFEC survey shows Limpopo failing to deal with poverty

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The UNICEF South Africa Annual Report 2012 has revealed that Limpopo has the highest poverty rate in South Africa.

The report entitled Men, Women and Children: Findings of the Living Conditions Survey 2008/2009 published by Statistics SA in 2013 indicates that six out of every ten (62,1%) households are living in poverty.

According to this poverty line is described as where  R304 per month is spent on an individual on food.

Limpopo is also regarded as the only province amongst the rest of the provinces in which the number of poor households especially headed by women and children prevail over the number of those non-poor households.

Families headed by female adults and children experience poverty in greater depth where they get far less than R304 as compared to those households headed by their male counterparts.

According to this our province also has the highest rate of almost seven out of every ten (69,2%) adults living in the traditional areas found to be very poor . This means that the amount of money an individual need to consume the required minimum energy plus the average amount derived from non-food items of households is only R577 per month per person.

Limpopo is also rated to have the highest proportions of children who are poor with 80.1%.

These shocking statistics go to show the ANC’s mismanagement of the economy for the past 19 years it has governed this province.

It has failed to create jobs to get people out of the grip of poverty.

The Limpopo government must establish programmes that will boost small businesses and support other initiatives which will bring investments to the province thus creating more jobs and alleviating poverty.

The DA will be submitting its Limpopo’s 8% Growth Plan to the new Premier, Mr Stan Mathabatha to urge him to consider our policy interventions which will help alleviate poverty especially among the youth.