ANC NCOP members reject DA call for more funds for Kouga

Elza van Lingen (MP)

DA Leader, National Council of Provinces

Yesterday the ANC in the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) objected to my motion requesting grant funding for Kouga Municipality’s bulk services capacity upgrade. This funding is desperately needed and would have improved the poor living conditions in Kouga and its informal settlements.

The motion highlighted that R480 million is required to increase the bulk services before any of the housing shortages can be addressed.  Kouga has a shortage of 9 000 RDP houses which has forced many of its residents into dangerous and unsanitary living conditions.

Reports reveal that there are approximately 3 292 bucket toilets in the Kouga Local Municipality alone and a further 1 367 households without any toilets.

Due to poor planning in Kouga Municipality there are many new RDP houses in Ocean View that cannot connect to the waterborne sewer system and still have bucket toilets.  These home owners and thousands of residents Ocean View’s informal settlement have had to pay private operators to service their bucket systems every week since the Kouga Municipality continuously fails to.

Shukushukuma, an informal settlement in Humansdorp with approximately 100 shacks only has three chemical toilets and the municipality cannot afford to provide the amount prescribed by law.

People in Polla Park are still using the bucket system, which is rarely serviced by the municipality.

In Stofwolk 450 houses were built below street level and are constantly flooded with rain. Residents have had to build their own shelters for their bucket systems, which are not serviced regularly by the municipality.

Sewer spills in Stofwolk and Loeirie are a frequent feature, continually contaminating the streets, walkways and play areas.

The fact that the ANC in the NCOP objected to the motion is a clear indication that they are just out to make pre-election promises for voter support and do not actually care about the poor people in Kouga or the difficult living conditions they have to endure.