Bathabile Dlamini again playing pre-election Christmas mother

Chris Hattingh MPL

DA Leader in the North West

In a further blatant disregard for the lines between the ANC and Government the Minister of Social Development , Bathabile Dlamini, instructed that a further 400 food parcels must be distributed in Tlokwe Ward 9 today, less than 24 hours before voting will start in the ward. This amounts to one food parcel for 10 voters in the ward!

This is a continuation of last week’s abuse of state resources and government officials in the desperate ANC campaigning in Ward 9 lead by Dlamini in person.

Her absurdly exaggerated statement that there are 17000 child-headed households in Potchefstroom, one out of every three households, in her motivation for the “intervention” is indicative to which levels the ANC will stoop in their abuse of state resources for political gain.

The deliberate distribution of food parcels as an electioneering tool can be regarded as stealing from the poor to return an ousted ANC mayor implicated in fraud and corruption to his former position.

The DA will not only urge the neglected and impoverished voters in Ward 9, mostly living in informal dwellings, to take whatever is being offered by the Minister in her cheap political showcasing. During our campaign it has become clear that even the poorest of the poor jobless people in Ward 9 have seen through this electioneering stunt.

The DA will put formal questions about the irrational and selective election-driven abuse of food parcels. The abuse, personally driver by Dlamini, highlights the lack of planning and fair and sustainable care for the vulnerable sections of the community by the Minister.