DA rejects racial Cornubia housing allocation policy

George Mari, MPP

DA KZN Spokesperson on Human Settlements


The Democratic Alliance has rejected the Cornubia housing allocation policy on the grounds that it is racially divisive.

This, after the MEC recently announced that the development’s housing allocation policy would see 5% of homes within the low-cost phase allocated to minority groups in the province.  Just under 3 000 houses are set to be built, with 448 completed to date.

The DA regards the MEC’s policy as racially divisive.  Housing allocations must be on a needs basis.  Race should never be a deciding factor.  Above all – they should not discriminate against the poor.

The MEC must explain why this is not the case at Cornubia.

The DA believes in an open opportunity society and is committed to addressing the imbalances of the past and improving lives.  But we cannot support setting poor Cornubia residents up against each other on the basis of race.

We call on the MEC to urgently to review this policy.  It is a rash and ill-conceived plan which will marginalise the poorest of the poor.