DA stunned by portfolio committee’s unwillingness to discuss Maloof

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Provincial Leader

The Democratic Alliance is stunned by the antagonism with which a simple request to discuss the Maloof Money Cup was met during a meeting of the portfolio committee on economic development at the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature this morning.

Given the fact that I serve on this committee, I thought it appropriate to place the matter of the Maloof on the agenda of the meeting. This is against the backdrop that the Maloof family has allegedly pulled out of the Maloof championship. While the committee approved this agenda with no objections, when it actually came time to discuss the Maloof, I was instructed that the committee is “not a spaza shop”, implying that I can’t simply bring issues to the table.  This baffles my mind. The committee has a responsibility to hold government accountable.  And if, as Members of the Provincial Legislature we cannot engage on urgent department related issues during portfolio committee meetings, then when can we?

The DA is dismayed by the oversight charade being conducted by the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature. The fact that the committee is not willing to discuss items put forward during meetings is evidence of the fact that the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature is only an oversight body in name, but in reality it is a merely a rubber stamp committee, intent on serving its ANC cadres at the expense of true service delivery.

The aggressive reactions of certain committee members towards my attempt to discuss the Maloof, has shocked me to my core. I can only surmise that these ANC cadres are determined to silence the DA’s attempts to get to the bottom of what is really going on with regards to this multimillion skateboarding championship. It is also my submission their defensive actions are intended to protect from public scrutiny, none other than the MEC of Economic Development, John Block, who has been the driving force behind the Maloof. The DA, however, will not keep quiet on this matter. In fact, the silence of the department and the portfolio committee on this issue has led us to smell an even bigger rat and has motivated us to dig deeper and harder to uncover the truth about the Maloof!