DA to lay complaint of intimidation against ANC after Balindlela visit to Matatiele

Annette Steyn MP

New Horizon Constituency Leader

The DA will be laying a complaint of intimidation with the Independent Electoral Commission after the ANC barred DA-activist Nosimo Balindlela from holding a public meeting in Nkemane Village in Matatiele.

The ANC did all in its power to stop the meeting by threatening residents and barring the DA-delegation from entering the Nkemane Community Hall.  Instead, Balindlela was forced to hold her meeting under a tree under police supervision.

The DA last week booked and paid for the use of the hall with the Matatiele Municipality, who yesterday confirmed that everything was in place.

However, I was informed yesterday afternoon that members of the ANC were going round the village warning residents not to attend the DA’s meeting.  Upon our arrival today, the Nkemane Hall had been hijacked by the ANC’s ward councillor who claimed that they were registering people for solar panels.

Having regular, free and fair elections is one of the cornerstones of our democracy.  The behaviour displayed by members of the ANC in Matatiele cannot be tolerated.  It is the right of every citizen to have freedom of movement and freedom of association.  Voters have a right to get information from political parties – no-one may stop parties or candidates from reaching voters.

Apart from laying complaints with the IEC in Matatiele and on provincial level, I will also demand an explanation from the Municipal Manager of Matatiele Municipality for reasons why the DA was prevented from using the Nkemane-hall.