Fire station crisis: DA calls for urgent investigation

Fred Nel MPL

Spokesperson on Local Government

The DA in Gauteng calls on Local Government and Housing MEC Ntombi Mekgwe to immediately investigate allegations of substandard fire fighting equipment at the fire station near Khutsong in Carletonville.

Reports in the media suggest there is only one fire engine to service the entire Khutsong area which is made up of many informal settlements.  Allegedly the equipment on the fire engine servicing the area does not function properly. This poses a major threat to the lives of many people living in the area.

Informal settlements are notorious for fire hazards as fires spread quickly due to the closeness of the shacks.  It is of major concern that the only measure to fight fires in the area is dysfunctional, which could lead to large scale devastation in the event of a fire.

It is therefore crucial that the MEC, who is responsible for emergency services and disaster management in the province, intervene immediately. I will also submit questions in the Gauteng Legislature to ensure that the MEC  takes this matter seriously.