Gauteng ambulances get worse

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Health Spokesman

Emergency ambulance response times in Gauteng have deteriorated, with less than 50% of high priority cases reached within 15 minutes.

According to the Gauteng Health Department’s First Quarterly Report tabled this week in the Gauteng Legislature, which covers the period April to June this year, emergency response within 15 minutes in urban areas was only 47%, which is lower than the 52% last year and way below the 70% target.

In rural areas, the response went down to 75% within 40 minutes, compared to a 95% response last year.

The emergency response within 60 minutes was 47%, much lower than the 77% last year and the 85% target rate.

According to the report: “Shortage of ambulances and staff continues to negatively impact on the achievement of the target and the completeness of data remains a challenge particularly emanating from the inability of the City of Johannesburg in providing accurate reports.”

I am really disappointed that no progress has been made in improving our shocking ambulance service despite promises by Health MEC Hope Papo.

Drastic steps are needed to stop deaths caused by slow ambulances.