Gauteng only spends 1% of library budget in first quarter

Mike Moriarty MPL

Spokesperson on Finance

In the recently released First Quarterly Report on the financial performance of the Gauteng Provincial Government it was revealed that less than 1% of the money made available for library services in the province had been spent. This is shocking news when one considers the need to improve the education service, especially for the poorer people in our province.

The report showed that only R499 000 had been spent of the R63 million budgeted for in the Community Library Services grant. This is all the more disgraceful considering that this money has been made freely available by the National Treasury specifically for this purpose.

There is no excuse for such incompetence. Poor people find it very difficult to afford books. They are desperate for decent libraries. But they are made to suffer because the government doesn’t care enough to make sure staff do their jobs.

If the DA were in charge then government employees would do the work they are supposed to and libraries would provide opportunities for people to improve their lives.