Gautrain must act swiftly to stop criminal activities in its parking lots

Dr Neil Campbell MPL

Spokesperson on Roads and Transport

Recent reports of a gang stripping a commuter’s vehicle while it was parked in the Sandton Gautrain on-site parkade reveals a deficiency in the security measures at these facilities.

The DA previously warned the Gautrain Management Agency and the concessionaire, Bombella, that they needed to take special care to avoid cable theft yet such thefts were still perpetrated despite assurances that it would not happen.

Likewise this incident should serve as a warning to those running Gautrain that their security measures are ineffective, inadequate or too predictable.

Rather than hide behind a rather good record regarding crime on the Gautrain and its precincts, those in authority should demand an upgraded security protocol from the security officials. This should include regular patrols of all areas of the parking garages and stations so that this isolated incident remains just that and does not become the norm.