Greater Letaba Muni: Crucial meetings held in secret

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The ANC in Greater Letaba Municipality (GLM) is hell bent on doing everything in its powers to prevent opposition parties from attending  crucial Council meetings to discuss salary increases for officials and the Integrated Development Plans.

This meeting was first scheduled to sit on 27 June at Ga-Kgapane Sub-Offices. DA councillor, Mattie Willemse in the municipality arrived at the set time and date but nothing of the meeting occurred. Only then was he informed that the meeting had been changed to Sekgosese, some 50 kilometres away.

Yesterday’s follow up meeting was again scheduled to be held at Ga-Kgapane Sub-Offices at 15h00. However this meeting was held at 09h00 without informing any of the other parties represented in the Council. As a result only the ANC members were present.

As this appears as a deliberate ploy by the ANC to sideline our councillor. I will be writing to MEC Ishmael Kgetjepe to urge him to overrule yesterday’s council decision as the meeting was convened without following procedure.

There are serious tender fraud allegations which at this municipality which our councillor has been pursuing and all his attempts to get the relevant documents have been blocked.

It is clear that the ANC now wants to run this municipality without any oversight from the other parties. Now all they can do is prevent our representative from attending crucial meetings where municipal finances are discussed.

We challenge  MEC Kgetjepe to heed to the premier’s undertaking to turn this province into a clean province by revoking yesterday’s GLM decisions until all represented party structures are properly informed and have their say in the finances of the municipality.