Limpopo withdrawal: Zuma has unfinished business

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The Democratic Alliance welcomes the announcement of a 6 month time-frame for the withdrawal of national administrators from 5 Limpopo Departments.

Three years on, there are still no tangible results of the section 100 intervention by President Jacob Zuma, showing that the move was more about politics than delivery for the people of the province.

The national withdrawal means that the provincial government must now take responsibility for delivery or face being punished by voters.

The DA calls on Limpopo Premier Stanley Mathabatha and President Zuma to meet 5 key demands by the end of the 6 month transition period:

  • Action taken against the officials who ran these departments into the ground in the first place;
  • Measures in place to prevent corrupt tender processes
  • Early warning systems for over-expenditure
  • Qualified senior management in place in departments
  • The filling of critical vacancies to ensure delivery can take place

I will be writing to both the Premier and President Zuma for answers on whether action will be taken on these key demands. The people of Limpopo deserve an efficient, corruption-free government capable of delivering.