Mpumalanga communities continue to thirst for efficient water delivery

James Masango MPL

Provincial Chief Whip of the Official Opposition

Note: The following member’s statement was made by James Masango to the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature on 13 August 2013.

During a visit to Jeppe’s Reef in Nkomazi, I was appalled to see people waiting for hours for fresh water. The residents of this area do not have running water in their homes and therefore wait in long queues to fill their water containers at the village’s damaged tap.

Even more shocking is that this is happening in close proximity to the Driekoppies Dam. With such a significant dam nearby it is incomprehensible why government doesn’t clean it up and use it as a water source for local villages.

This situation makes life difficult for the local community and exposes them to health risks as those not willing to wait in queues simply fetch water from the litter-filled dam, risking infection of water-borne diseases.

It’s sad that 19 years into democracy, communities in the former homelands are still suffering. It is rather troubling to see that despite being granted political freedom, these people remain oppressed by lack of services.

Despite government’s endless promises, statements and declarations to improve water provision, the fact of the matter remains that it does not deliver water – it only delivers dry taps.