North West By-elections confirms DA’s strong growth trend

Chris Hattingh

DA Leader in the North West

The North West Democratic Alliance is elated by the growth recorded by the DA in the 7th August 2013 by-elections in the three NW wards in which it participated. All three wards were previously held by the ANC.

In the Ward 9 by-election in the Tlokwe Municipality in Potchefstroom the DA grew from 5.7% (123 votes) during the 2011 elections to 13.47% contributing in cutting the ANC’s support from 90.64% down to 54.93%.

This massive inroad into a former ANC stronghold confirms the swing away from the ANC after it expelled whistle-blowing ANC councillors and sets the trend for the other 9 by-elections to be held in Potchefstroom in 6 weeks’ time. The outcome of these elections will determine the future control of the municipality.

The ANC threw in all their resources, including state resources in the form of 400 food parcels and 100 blankets originally intended for the poorest of the poor, into the Ward 9 by-election in their efforts to stop their voter haemorrhage.

In Ward 4 in the Kagisano-Molopo Municipality in Ganyesa the DA grew its 2011 support from 3.1% during the 2011 elections to 21.79% pushing the ANC back to 73.75%. This happened in a rural area indicating that the DA’s message is also being heard in remote villages.

In the Ward 12 by-election in the Ramotshere Moiloa Municipality in Zeerust the DA has grown its support from 3.0% in 2011 to 21.98% and pushing the ANC back to 47.57%.

The growth in DA support during these by-elections confirms the upward growth trend established in 2011 when it recorded a 116% growth in comparison to the 2006 local government elections results.

The DA is confidently embarking in our campaign directed at the 18th September by-elections.