Premier has golden opportunity to fix service delivery ills

James Masango MPL

Provincial Chief Whip of the Official Opposition

The DA welcomes the announcement on Tuesday by premier David Mabuza that he would hold one-on-one meetings with leaders of poor performing municipalities, as well as the possibility of sanctions against those individuals.

However, for the sake of transparency and accountability, the DA calls on the Office of the Premier must make public the names of the individuals who have to make their presentations, as well as the dates set down for their appearances.

The DA believes that these meetings present the premier with a golden opportunity to get to the root of the leadership challenges preventing decent service delivery, as well as to put the interests of the people at the centre of discussions, and not those of the ANC.

While it is unknown who will called to account, the DA hopes that the premier and his advisors will use these meetings to evaluate whether the qualifications of those who appear comply with the minimum standards as set down by the National Treasury, and apply the 1 January 2013 compliance deadline accordingly.

The people of Mpumalanga are crying out for decent service delivery, and don’t need more talk-shop politics from the premier. We deserve leadership and administration that acts decisively in the interests of the people.