RDP houses for municipal cronies

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Provincial Leader

The Democratic Alliance is outraged by the blatant abuse of RDP houses in the Colesberg area, where municipal officials and family members have moved into houses intended for the less fortunate.

DA councillor in the area, Auburn Jaftha, recently opened up a can of worms when he investigated allegations indicating that people who did not qualify for housing, had been placed in RDP houses. Not only did Jaftha discover that the housing clerk at Umzobomvu municipality, Vivian Louw, is occupying Erf 4228, but he also found that her sister, Sumya Louw, who is a teacher, is occupying Erf 4289. Another municipal employee, Verushka Douw, is meanwhile occupying Erf 3436. None of these people are the rightful housing beneficiaries.

On top of this, it would appear that the mayor of the Umzobomvu municipality is trying to cover up these housing allocation irregularities. This, after he allegedly instructed officials at the local housing office in De Aar not to give out any information pertaining to the allocation of the above mentioned houses.

The DA considers it completely unacceptable that officials at the Umzombomvu municipality are serving their own interests by allocating RDP houses to their cronies instead of to the poorest and most needy people of our society, for whom these houses are actually intended.

An affidavit detailing the above mentioned irregularities has already been made by a local resident and the DA will report the matter to the Public Protector. The right to access adequate housing is enshrined in our Constitution. Having a roof overhead provides people with the security they need to grab hold of other opportunities and develop their full potential. The current abuse of state houses is robbing thousands of South Africans of the opportunity to improve their lives and we feel strongly that housing officials abusing RDP houses deserve to be jailed.