Violence at Universities: ANCYL hooligans must be expelled

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Leader

The DA demands immediate suspension by University of Limpopo (UNILIM) Management of all the ring leaders who violently disrupted the Democratic Alliance Students’ Organisation (DASO)’s meeting last night.

More than 50 of ANC Youth League and SASCO members violently disrupted and assaulted both DASO members and DA Leadership who had gathered to hold a meeting.

The DA opened several criminal cases against these hooligans pertaining to assault and damage to property and the case number is 396/8/2013.

The incident comes few hours after another DASO member was attacked and stabbed by SASCO members at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) at Polokwane Campus after the elections.

It is clear that the ANCYL lost the direction of democracy and opted to resort to intimidation and violence.

The DA has witnessed over the last two days a clear disregard of Constitution which promotes tolerance of democratic principle.

When all this is happening, the ANC in the province has kept silent as though they approve the actions by their affiliates.

The DA will further be expediting plans to meet with all Institutions of Higher Learning Management and ANC in Limpopo to ensure that they take action against this kind of behaviour.