Water crisis in Limpopo as DA leads protest

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Leader

Protesting communities led by the DA have taken to Polokwane’s streets calling for an end to Limpopo’s water crisis.

Demands for an emergency water supply plan were delivered to Premier Stanley Mathabatha’s office this morning.

This after a province-wide photographic survey of the impact of the water crisis on communities was conducted by DA activists and local Councillors.

The DA’s photographic survey shows the desperate need for stable water supply in rural Limpopo:

  • Communities are sharing water with animals from shallow ditches as vital water infrastructure has not been rolled out
  • Water trucks make just one delivery in 2 weeks to some rural communities
  • In informal settlements up to 10 000 people share 3 communal taps
  • No running water is coming from communal taps installed years ago

Corruption in the Limpopo government has the biggest impact on people desperate for the most basic services.

Despite big annual budgets, no water supply has been provided by government for some Limpopo communities since 1994.

The DA demands an emergency water supply plan from the Premier.

In the meantime short-term relief must be provided for Limpopo communities desperate for water.