Women’s Parliament taxi’s only for ANC women

Desiree van der Walt MPL

DA Limpopo Legislature Caucus Leader

This morning, women from the Democratic Alliance Women Network (DAWN) were ordered to get off a taxi paid by the Legislature on their way to attend Women’s Parliament in Lebowakgomo.

The incident happened at the Phalaborwa Municipality offices,  a pick-up spot for women who are attending a women’s event organised and paid for by the Legislature.

The 4 DAWN women who were already inside the taxi were ordered to get off by the ANC women. This is notwithstanding the fact that this private taxi was paid for by the Legislature to fare selected women who are attending the women’s event.

I will be writing to the Speaker Mr. Ernest Nong to urge him to refuse to pay for this taxi. The ANC must foot the bill for this particular taxi.

The Legislature is representative of all the people of Limpopo, irrespective of party political affiliation.

Its coffers cannot benefit only one party.

What was done by the ANC’s women is despicable. During women’s month when women of all parties are meant to rally in solidarity around issues affecting women, they allow party politics to be divisive.

The Legislature can therefore not foot this bill. It needs to send a clear message that ours is a multi-party democracy where all parties are represented.

This message by the Legislature, a significant branch of our government, will be particularly important in the run-up  to next year’s general elections.