112 543 Limpopo residents without title deeds for their homes

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

Over 112, 543 Limpopo citizens do not have title deeds for their RDP houses, a reply to a DA parliamentary question has shown. This means that 82% of all title deeds that should be given to Limpopo residents are currently outstanding.

The statistics are based on an analysis of South Africa’s title deeds backlog. The backlog illustrates that Limpopo citizens are being deprived of owning their own property and the economic benefits that come with that.

Without the title deeds it is clear that the many citizens are being forbidden from fully benefitting from property ownership and taking part in the economy.

In the Western Cape where DA governs, we run a Title Deeds Programme that accelerates the distribution of title deeds. Thousands of handovers will take place in the coming months.

As results of the programme, the province has managed to reduce the backlog by issuing over 20 000 title deeds in the last financial year.

The DA urges Human Settlements MEC, Mr Ishmael Kgetjepe, to initiate a three year programme that will ensure that all the title deeds are being transferred to the rightful owners.

This should also include new RDP houses being built. The DA wants to see that once new owners occupy their own homes they are immediately issued with the necessary title deed.