2013 Limpopo AG’s Report: An indictment on the ANC

Desiree van der Walt MPL

DA Limpopo Legislature Caucus Leader

Today during a Legislature sitting, the AG presented the audit results for 2012/13 for all Limpopo’s provincial departments. These audit outcomes are a shocking indictment on how the ANC has misgoverned this province.

Of 5 departments nationally which have consistently received disclaimers, 3 are in Limpopo. They are the departments of Education, Health and Public Works. These have never had a clean outcome ever since this administration took over in 2009.

These are departments which together account for more than half of our entire provincial budget. As the AG has himself acknowledged, this means service delivery in the critical areas provided by these departments is severely diminished.

Furthermore, overall our province has regressed instead of showing improvement on audit results.  This is because the departments of Agriculture and Social Development have now added  to the list of bad performers.

This is to be expected, as the AG himself noted; there is a reluctance to charge departments’ officials where they transgress the laws. Officials who are entrusted with public finance deal with it recklessly with no consequences to follow.

This effectively means that the goal to reach clean audits by 2014 will simply not be achieved.

It is the people of this province who bear the brunt each time a single cent is wasted.

Limpopo’s situation contrasts sharply with the Western Cape governed by the DA, where clean, efficient and better services have become the  norm of governance.