Ba-Phalaborwa awards a R10 m tender before evaluation

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

A tender initially worth R1.3 million but later escalated to R10.8 million (Click here) was awarded by Ba- Phalaborwa Municipality to a company even  before the evaluation committees sat  to evaluate this tender.

Documents in DA’s possession clearly show how tender No. 23/2012  initially for R1.3 million was awarded on 26 September 2013 to an engineering company  for designing and construction of infrastructure projects in this municipality.  This was  way before all the municipal tender committees were appointed .

The officials  who sat on the Bid Evaluation Committee (click) to evaluate this tender were appointed on 13 November 2013.

By the time this tender reached the Bid Adjudication Committee on 14 November 2013,  the tender amount of R1.3 million (click) had gone up to R10 million.  This is clearly an illegal  variation which amounts to a new tender altogether.

On what basis is this variation from the initial order justified.

This is a flagrant flouting of the tender procedures and in the process siphoning public money which could be used to improve the lives of the communities.

I have met with the Public Protector to ask for an urgent investigation into this matter. It must be established how this tender was accepted even before proper tender evaluation opened, who sat on both the evaluation and adjudication committees and what their role was in this matter.

The DA cannot sit back when processes are manipulated to  enrich a few instead of being channelled to improve the lives of the communities.  We believe that all officials involved from the MM, and everyone who sat on various committees must be investigated.