Crime Statistics : DA Limpopo to reintroduce crime bill

Jacques Smalle

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa has released crime statistics today. Limpopo’s decrease in certain crime categories is overshadowed by an increase in serious crime instances.

While there is decrease in sexual offences nationally, Limpopo shows a depressing increase on this category, 15.8%, from 102.4 in 2011/12 to 118.6. This effectively means that women in Limpopo continue to be victims of crime.

This is made worse by an increase in the category of robbery with aggravating circumstances, now 72.2 from 66.2 in the previous year. This is a 9.1% increase. Commercial crime is also on the rise; 17.3%. So has arson risen to 12.3%.

Limpopo is also losing the battle against carjacking which in 2011/12 was 2.9 and rose to 4.1, a staggering 40.6% increase. Residential robberies are also on the rise.

We welcome the drop in assault GBH, Common Assault, Common Robbery, Theft and Murder.

The DA is however concerned that Limpopo seems to have the highest of population per police officer, 1:516, highest of all provinces.

In light of these increases, the DA will reintroduce the Limpopo Community Safety Bill, which aims to strengthen the provincial police in dealing with crime. This bill was rejected by Mathale, the challenge is now on Premier Mathabatha to show seriousness in dealing with crime.