DA cites negligence as main cause of Makana water crisis in bhisho debate

Dacre Haddon MPL

Housing, Transport, Local Government and Traditional Affairs in the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature

The Democratic Alliance will be citing negligence as the main factor that led to the recent Makana water crisis, in a debate in the Provincial Legislature this afternoon (Thursday, 12 September 2013).

The debate on the Makana water crisis was called for by the Democratic Alliance.

Negligence and managerial incompetence as well as infrastructure problems are the main causes of the Makana water process.

After many years of water shortages it is disgraceful that so little forward and contingency planning has not been put in place to alleviate these water crises.

What is of concern is why there is sudden Presidential intervention and Inter -Governmental task teams set up by the Minister of Water Affairs and other initiatives when such should have been instituted years ago.

Had appropriate action and planning taken place when this problem first occurred Makana would not be in this water crisis situation today.

Among the few quick wins proposed by the DA is the immediate construction of a new reservoir above the N2 to allow for improved gravity feed to surrounding areas.

In addition, the reconnection of a new power-line to the Thomas Baines Eskom power which is a kilometre away will alleviate the power shortages from the existing power-line.

After confirmation at both a multi-party whips meeting and programming meeting last week it was discovered yesterday that the matter would not be debated.

The reluctance by the ruling party to not want to debate the matter and instead allow the MEC to present a report shows the embarrassment of this matter to the ruling party.

However the matter will be debated.

The DA will insist on regular oversight of this matter to ensure that Makana does not suffer future water outages.