DA to lay a charge for hate speech in Limpopo school

Desiree van der Walt

DA Limpopo Spokesperson on Basic Education

The Democratic Alliance will be laying a charge with the Equality Court in Musina against the Circuit Manager of Vhembe Education District, Dr. Phaswana for uttering what constitutes hate speech during an address he made to a diverse group of matriculants at Eric Louw High School in Musina.

The audio recording (click here) recorded by one of the learners indicates that Dr. Phaswana preaches hate speech. He goes against the law which prohibits hate speech and the reconciliatory essence of our Constitution.

He not only uses expletive language (which cannot be repeated in this statement) when he addresses these learners but he also threatens them that he will personally make sure that their examination papers vanish. He tells them that they will have no legal recourse.

He can be heard saying to learners that, if they resort to courts  and they are black he will find an Afrikaner lawyer who hates blacks and if the learner is a white person, he will get a black lawyer who hates whites.

This is clearly not a language that our learners should be subjected to. Dr. Phaswana, as a senior departments official must uphold the law. In particular he must uphold the South African Schools Act whose preamble unequivocally states that  “achievement of democracy in South Africa has consigned to history the past system of education which was based on racial inequality and segregation”

Our learners must be taught under a conducive  environment which fosters racial reconciliation and harmony. The DA will do everything in its powers to make sure that the vision of a united and harmonious South Africa is possible.