Department’s inaction punish children for loss of mother

Hendrika Kruger MPL

Spokesperson on Social Development

Inaction by social workers of the Gauteng Social Development Department  continues to fail three children between the ages of 9 and 15 for more than a year.

The children were taken in by their aunt after their mother passed away.  However, the children ran away from their aunt because she allegedly abused them. The children were living with their grandmother while the aunt still received the child grants.

Unfortunately the children are now living on the street. Despite promises from social workers at the Department’s Fox Street offices to collect the children and place them in a safe house, nothing has materialised to date.

For more than a year the system has been failing these children and, should they commit a crime they will be punished.

Their only crime is that they lost their mother, which the Department is seemingly punishing them for it. Further details are available upon request.

We are particularly concerned about the entire saga, including questions about:

  • How the aunt was certified as a fit and proper person to care for the children;
  • Why there was no monitoring of the situation;
  • Why the school remained silent and why the community turns a blind eye.

These vulnerable children of Gauteng must fend for themselves while Social Development does nothing but contribute to their suffering.

The MEC must investigate the case and ensure that the children are cared for as required by the Children’s Act