Dumped Medical Equipment: Health dept suspends security guards

Jacques Smalle

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The Company which provides security to Limpopo’s Department of Health has suspended 5 security guards who gave the Democratic Alliance access  to the Polokwane Provincial Hospital where piles of usable medical equipment was found dumped. These suspensions could only have come at the behest of the department.

This heavy handed action on the security guards demonstrates that the Department preferred to conceal this medical equipment from the public.

We demand the immediate reinstatement of all those guards who are suspended after the DA’s official oversight visit.

Impromptu oversight visits are well established constitutional mechanisms to hold departments accountable.

These visits, by their very nature, are done without prior appointment in order to find whatever situations as it truly exists.  Setting up appointments would defeat the purpose of these visits as officials would have easily pre-empt the visits and fix the mess.  In this way the public will be kept in the dark about the true nature of  services our people receive.

It is fundamentally important that our people’s experiences at these public institutions are exposed so that responsible officials are taken to task to improve services.

Tomorrow I will be meeting with the Health MEC, Ms. Letsatsi-Duba and top of the agenda will be the reinstatement of these security guards.

The DA intends to roll out these oversight visits through-out all other hospitals in Limpopo.