Fast-Food Premier: DA to urge Auditor-General to investigate

Harold McGluwa, ID MPL

DA Northern Cape: Provincial Chairperson Spokesperson on Office of the Premier

The DA will be writing to the Auditor-General, Terence Nombembe, requesting his office investigate Northern Cape Premier, Sylvia Lucas’, alleged abuse of her state credit card to buy fast-food and groceries.

It has been reported that in her first 10 weeks since inauguration, Lucas allegedly worked up a bill of R53 159 on fast food and groceries.

R11 956 of that figure was spent on outlets in Kimberley, where she has an official residence.

This works to an average of R5 315 a week spent by the Premier on fast food using the official credit card. How was such expenditure allowed?

The DA is concerned that there is a culture of abusing official credit cards within the provincial government.

Earlier this year MEC Patrick Mabilo had used his state credit card for seemingly personal purchases, including a holiday in Mozambique, where he rang-up at least R9 000.

Like in that instance it seems the ANC, in its response, is willing to brush the seriousness of this abuse of state funds aside.

In a province where 40.1% of people live in poverty, the Premier’s insensitive attitude towards state funds is disrespectful towards the public; especially the poor.

The DA will not allow this matter to be swept aside. We will also submit parliamentary questions to all provincial government departments, to establish the extent of the official credit card abuses in the provincial government.