Fast-Food Premier: What does R759 per day buy you?

Harold McGluwa, ID MPL

DA Northern Cape: Provincial Chairperson Spokesperson on Office of the Premier

The DA has calculated just exactly how much fast food the Northern Cape Premier, Sylvia Lucas, could have possibly bought with R53 159 during her first 10 weeks in office.

The results are nothing short of gastronomically shocking, and are inexcusable in the face of the rampant poverty which 40.1% of residents in this province endure.

It has been reported that in her first 10 weeks since inauguration, Lucas allegedly worked up a bill of R53 159 on fast food and groceries.

R11 956 of that figure was spent on outlets in Kimberley, where she has an official residence.

This works-out to an average of R5 315 a week, or an astounding R759 per day, on fast food by the Premier allegedly misusing her official credit card.

So what exactly does R759 per day of fast food get you?

Assuming hamburgers are the eats of choice, she could have bought 19 burgers complete with chips and a can of her favourite beverage.

That’s six burgers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If she tired of that and had a taste for fried chicken, R759 could have bought her 30 two-piece chicken meals with chips.

The Premier has shown a particular liking to high energy drinks, and as she wryly put it herself, “we need Powerade for the energy, you know?”

Well we do know Premier; we know that at R759, one can purchase 89 bottles of the energy drink per day.

It is simply wrong for Premier Lucas to have allegedly used her official credit card for fast food purchases.

For her to see nothing wrong in gobbling up so much of taxpayer funds in 10 weeks is equally a slap in the face of poor and struggling citizens.

The DA has submitted parliamentary questions to establish the extent of state credit card abuses in all the provincial government departments.