Gauteng crime stats shows need for competent top cop

Kate Lorimer MPL

Spokesperson on Community Safety

Gauteng crime statistics do not reflect the drastic improvement one would expect if police truly had the situation “under control” as the National Police Commissioner claimed during the release of the statistics.

The number of reported crimes in Gauteng appears to have stagnated at unacceptably high levels according to the annual provincial crime statistics.

Serious and violent crimes remain at very high levels, affecting the safety and security of Gauteng people the most and perpetuating the reality of living daily life in fear in South Africa’s crime capital.
There were only fifteen fewer murders in the province in the past financial year, and the decrease in the number of sexual crimes reported was less than 200.

Burglary at homes across the provinces increased by almost 4 000 reported incidents to just over 68 500 in the past year. Coupled with an increase in robbery at Gauteng homes it is not surprising that people in the province do not feel safe in their homes.

Other serious crimes also increased, included the number of reports of attempted murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, theft from motor vehicles and kidnapping.

The DA applauds the hard work and dedication of Gauteng police officers and police support staff in combatting crime across the province. However, it is clear that much more needs to be done to make the streets, homes and businesses of Gauteng safe for all to enjoy.

A serious, concerted and focused approach to reducing high levels of violent and serious crime demands the full time attention of a competent, dedicated and experienced provincial police commissioner.

Gauteng, now more than ever, needs a top cop that will protect the law and the people of the province, and not one who is suspected of breaking the law and endangering the lives of road users.

Premier Mokonyane’s briefing on crime stats today is of little comfort to the people of the province until we know who will permanently head up the fight against crime in Gauteng.