Human Rights Commission must probe racist Vanderbijl bullies and Gauteng department

John Moodey MPL

Provincial Leader

The DA in Gauteng will write to the South African Human Rights Commission requesting a full investigation into allegations that racist bullies forced a Vanderbijlpark boy to drink his own urine.

The probe must also include the alleged failure by the Gauteng Education Department to help the victim of the bullies.

According to the Sowetan report this morning the 16 year old boy was forced to change schools from Hoƫrskool Transvalia in Vanderbijlpark due to constant bullying.

The mother told the Sowetan that the group of bullies called her son a “kaffir”, stripped him naked, asked what a “kaffir” was doing at a white school and forced him to drink his own urine.

The Department has finally appointed an independent team to look into the matter, but this is not good enough.

The repeated failure of the school, the department, and even the Sedibeng District Municipality to assist the boy and his mother must be probed by an external, independent body.

The South African Human Rights Commission must probe the failure of these public institutions to uphold and promote the values of our Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

This alleged behavior is reminiscent of the Reitz incident at the University of the Free State, which caused great harm to unity and social cohesion in our diverse nation.

We also have to ask ourselves where these young children learn to be so disrespectful and racially intolerant? As parents we need to be careful about our conduct, as we influence our children. We have a responsibility to the development of our children to ensure they grow up to build a tolerant society and cohesive nation.