Kgapane Hospital water crisis: Water plant must be increased

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The impact of the water crisis in Limpopo has become so severe that even patients in hospitals do not get medical assistance due to lack of water.

Ga-Kgapane Hospital currently has no water supply and patients are turned back.

This now calls for the urgent intervention of the South African Human Rights Commission to compel the state to conduct an assessment of the water situation to ensure that the impact of water crisis is kept to the minimum in places of emergency places such as hospitals.

The water reservoir in Ga-Kgapane has the capacity of 6 mega litres and Modjadji has 4.7 mega litres in its reservoir. Florida reservoir water plant that supply both areas has the capacity of 4.5 mega litres which is 100% shortfall.

The demand from both Kgapane and Modjadji  need at least 10.7 mega litres to supply all villages within Greater Letaba Municipality.

Taking into account the economic impact at Modjadji and Kgapane , the capacity at Florida reservoir needs to be increased to at least 15 mega litres to avert water shortage in the future.

The shortage has badly affected Ga-Kgapane Hospital and now critically ill patients have to be transported to other hospitals which are a long distance away.

Nurses and doctors are forced to bring their own water to be able to drink and wash their hands. The patients are relying on their families to bring them water to bath and drink due to the boreholes at the hospital being dysfunctional.

It’s clear that government has failed to plan ahead by having a proper water management in place to supply all villages with water including the hospital.

The municipality must deliver water to the hospital and villages on the daily basis as an interim relieve to avert water shortage.

A hospital is a place where people go to get help, it is unacceptable that they do not get medical help because a basic amenity such as water is not available.