Limpopo’s Coghsta HOD must pay own legal costs for her failed court challenge

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The costs for a failed court challenge by Limpopo’s Coghsta HOD Ms. Nnana Manamela must be personally incurred by her.

Today’s Star newspaper reports that Ms. Manamela failed in her court attempt to stop a disciplinary probe against her for alleged corruption by irregularly awarding a tender  worth R900 million to former Premier Mathale’s associates.

The expense for these legal costs must be paid by her personally. Limpopo’s taxpaying citizens cannot be made to pay for her attempts to block legitimate disciplinary processes.

If Ms. Manamela has nothing to hide, she must then allow the legal processes to unfold so that she can clear her name in a proper forum.

More importantly if she was following political instructions from her superiors, as we suspect,  she just needs to be cooperative with the legal processes.

Her attempts to block any probe merely serve to lend weight to the suspicion that Ms. Manamela has something she prefers should not come out.

The fact that she is suspended with full pay means that she is inconsiderate to the taxpayers who continue to foot her bill when she is doing nothing. She now adds to that by engaging on costly legal actions.

The Democratic Alliance will be submitting parliamentary questions to Coghsta MEC, Mr. Ishmael Kgetjepe to find out from him who will be paying Ms.

Manamela’s costs of the legal action. If the department is paying the MEC must explain what are the legal basis to be doing that.