Malamulele protests: Premier must show leadership

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The DA calls on Premier Stanley Mathabtha to show leadership in Malamulele by presenting a concrete service delivery plan for residents.

The root cause of the protests in this area is the failure of the ANC led municipality to deliver.

Delivery issues must be addressed by the Thulamela municipality and not by the creation of a new municipality. A new municipality would fail in the same way unless the ANC gets its house in order in that area.

Premier Mathabatha must urgently deal with the paralysis at this municipality which hampers service delivery to the communities. He must do this before any further violence and destruction occurs in that area.

Thulamela Municipality is one of the municipalities that were recently identified by the Auditor-General as the serial offenders in audit opinions. It received a qualified opinion for two successive terms in 2010/11 and 2011/12.

There is currently a massive backlog of water supply, electricity and road infrastructure development.

The Municipal Demarcation Act clearly spells out the criteria to be followed in demarcating any municipal boundary.  One of these criteria is according to this Act, “the provision of services to the communities in an equitable and sustainable manner.“

Premier Mathabatha should have acknowledged the real root cause to this dysfunctional municipality. It is that ANC rule is collapsing.

As the head of the province, the premier should also have explained that any process of demarcation must adhere to the provisions of the Constitution and the relevant legislation.

He must show leadership and address the root concerns of residents rather than pandering to the misguided idea that a new municipality will solve their problems.