Mokgalakwena muni wastes over R4500 k on ANC T-Shirts

Desiree van der Walt MPL

DA Limpopo Spokesperson on Local Government

The ANC in Mokgalakwena Municipality wasted public funds to buy ANC T-shirts for an event organised and paid for by the municipality.

These T-shirts, the invoice of which the DA is in possession, amount to R450 000.00

This event took place on 18 August 2013 under the banner of Mayor’s Community Outreach Programme and costs this municipality an added R600 000.00.

The amount for this event totalled over a R1 million.

This exorbitant wasteful expenditure happens in the face of acute service delivery failures in the nearby Mawhelereng Township which falls under this municipality.

I will be approaching the Public Protector to lay a charge of impropriety  on this matter. The municipality should not be wasting money promoting any specific political party.

The elections are now at the doorstep, and the ANC will stop at nothing to misuse public money in order to promote itself.

The DA will take up this matter as we strongly believe that this amount of money could have been used to fix  some of the service delivery backlogs such as the sewage in Mahwelereng.