R1.3B underspent by NW Government

Chris Hattingh MPL

DA Leader in the North West

The North West Provincial Government failed to spend a massive R1.321 billion during the last financial year.

It is of particular concern that crucial provincial departments tasked with delivery of infrastructure and improving the quality of life for North West citizens have been the leading under spenders:

  • The North West Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport, failed to spend R815 833 000, even after it had to abdicate its responsibility to maintain provincial roads to SANRAL due to its previous failures.
  • This department could only spent 75% of its budget and failed to spend an additional R487 207 000 of conditional grants allocated to it mainly as a result of the supply chain committee not being fully functional.
  • The NW Department of Health underspent R63 million on services while simultaneously it overspent by R70,3 million on the compensation of employees mainly increasing discretionary expenditure, including travel and subsistence allowances.
  • The Provincial Treasury reported an under spending on goods and services amounting to R70 million specifically for maintenance.
  • Another R50 million was underspent as a result of medical equipment for the new Brits hospital not being procured on time.
  • The North West Department of Education¬† underspent by R114,5 million on its infrastructure allocation mainly due to the late starting of projects and the lack of maintenance.

The overall expenditure picture of financial expenditure in the North West Province emphasises the previous opinion of the Auditor General that the province is in regression.

The trend to raise expenditure on employees while the provincial output and delivery of services and infrastructure is declining is indicative of a governmental system increasingly concerned only with sustaining itself.

An enquiry into the rooted sluggishness of the North West Government, as once again outlined in the Treasury Report, should find its origins in the devastating effects of the snowballing cadre deployment practice as implemented by the NW ANC in which incapacitated cadres continually replicate each other.

The North West procurement system remains plagued by fraud and corruption driven by a limitless greed.

Until the NW Provincial Government and the political forces dominating it, accepts the root causes of its failures, the cadre deployment system and the linked ANC’s hegemony and cadre protection, any possibility of turning around the NW Province’s dire delivery pattern will fail.