Winterveldt jobs hub built illegally

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Caucus Leader

The Township Enterprise Hub in Winterveldt north of Pretoria has been built illegally without the required permissions by the Tshwane Metro Council.

This is revealed in a written reply by Gauteng Economic Development MEC Eric Xayiya to my questions in the Gauteng Legislature.

According to Xayiya, not all town planning permissions have been obtained “due to a greater land zoning process being concluded by the City of Tshwane”.

The current zoning for the site is agricultural, although the city’s proposed Township Establishment Plan does categorise it as business. Xayiya says that “everything will be rectified when the City approves the Township Establishment Plan, date from CoT still to be advised.”

This is a very poor excuse that no private business would get away with. It shows the poor planning of this whole project which was supposed to be finished last year to create hundreds of jobs in the automotive sector for young people in the area, but so far, only 45 people have been trained via off-site programmes at body repair centres.

The Gauteng provincial government should obey the law like everyone else.