ANC’s fake delivery in Tlokwe shows desperation

Chris Hattingh

DA Leader in North West

The Daily Sun reported today that the ANC handed out title deeds for broken and half-completed RDPs in Ikageng Extension 11 one day before the by-election last month.

It is obvious the ANC is willing to resort to blatant vote-buying to regain power in Tlokwe.

The DA has been aware of this incident for some time. This project included roughly 700 RDP houses. These houses were officially completed during 2012. But many of the homes weren’t properly finished and remained only half-completed even after a second contractor was appointed. Many others were also of very low quality to the extent that some have become unsafe and have even collapsed.

The provincial housing MEC, Nono Maloyi, saw fit to hand out the long-overdue title deeds for unsafe and incomplete homes the day before the by-election.

This is fake delivery aimed at securing votes and good public relations in the runup to an election. The ANC’s fake delivery chickens are now coming home to roost. People in Tlokwe are becoming aware of this tactic, and are rejecting it.

The DA wants to advance real service delivery in Tlokwe. That is why we are doing everything we can to ensure stability in the City Council and root out corruption.

We are on the side of real delivery that changes lives over time, step-by-step.