ANC’s religious outbursts signify desperation

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Provincial Leader

It is deeply disturbing that the ruling party has reverted to blasphemous statements in a desperate attempt to maintain support from increasingly dissatisfied cadres.

This is against the backdrop of the ANC provincial chairperson, John Block, having made religious outbursts at the ANC list conference yesterday. Block apparently threatened ANC cadres with the wrath of God if they dared to withdraw their support for the party.

The comments of Block, and other political leaders whose chose to use religious blackmail to retain political support, are a very low move indeed. They have chosen to manipulate religious beliefs to serve their own selfish political goals. This is unacceptable.

The only conclusion we can draw is that the ruling party is in turmoil. They know that opposition parties are steadily gaining on them and they know that their days in power are limited. They have now stooped to using scare tactics to create a false sense of loyalty and to frighten people into voting for them.

In direct contrast to the ruling party, the DA is of the firm view that no political party has the right to hold political supporters hostage.

In fact, the DA is not asking voters to pledge their undying allegiance to the party. No party in a democracy deserves that kind of loyalty. What we are asking voters is that they lend us their vote for the next five years, to give them, their families and their community a chance to experience the difference that a DA administration can make in the Northern Cape.